Drone mounted Anti-Drone Equipment

Overview of Equipment

  • Rapid response from the air as a drone-mounted type
  • Tracking drones from a long distance and blocking non-authorized unmanned drones
  • Interlocking with radar/camera for remote drone detection

Key Technologies/Performance

  • Consisting of GPS band and 2.4 GHz ISM band and the maximum output with 2W
  • Emitting Jamming signals by receiving radiation On/Off signals from the remote controller
  • It is automatically tilted in conjunction with the mounted camera to direct the antenna to the illegal intrusion drone. The directional antenna inside the Jammer minimizes 3dB Beam width within 30 degrees to minimize the damage area caused by disturbance
  • Drone equipped with Jammer uses a dedicated frequency

Product Components

  • Drone, controller, camera, drone jammer, battery, mounting device


Parameter Specification Comment
Low Power
Using Frequency GPS 1,559~1,610MHz
2.4 GHz 2,400~2,485MHz
Max. Output GPS 400W(16dBM) or less
2.4 GHz 2W(33dBM) or less
Disturbance Distance 100m When receiving signal is -50dBm or less
Continuous Operating Time 15 minutes or more
Drone Max. Takeoff Weight 10kg
Dead Load 5kg
Flight Time 15 minutes or more
Flight Speed 20Km/h or less
Flight Altitude 150m or less
Operating Distance 2Km or less

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