Regional defense Anti-Drone System

Overview of Equipment

  • Major base and regional defense solution
  • Detection and identification using radar/camera
  • Tracking and automatic blocking system

Key Technologies/Performance

  • Drone automatic tracking technology using video image/Remote control technology.
  • Long distance CCTV Function ((Size 300x300mm ■, ▲, ● Identification [Daytime: 2km/Nighttime: 1km])
  • Individual Control Function of Frequency Division Band.

Product Components

  • Main body of blocking equipment, antenna
  • Option: Radar, camera, operational terminal

Main Customers

  • National important facilities (power plants, industrial complexes), national security facilities

Specification (Jammer part)

Parameter Specification Comment
Frequency 1,550~1,650MHz GPS L1
2,400~2,484MHz ISM
5,030~5,850MHz ISM
RF Power 10W/band GPS/2.4G ISM/5G ISM
Ant Gain 10dBi or more GPS/2.4G ISM/5G ISM

Specification (Jammer part)

Parameter Specification Comment
Camera 1/2.8“ CMOS
Lens 8~320 mm
Penetrating fog AFR Image processing technology
Laser 10W,808nm Military NIR
Laser angle 1~20°
Weight 30Kg Max
Pan -175~175° (360°) Rotation speed(0.01~60°/s)
Tilt -10~90° Rotation speed(0.01~30°/s)

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