Blocking Equipment for Wireless Communication

Overview of Equipment

  • Carrying and easily movable Mobile phone blocking equipment
  • Main body and antenna integrated structure
  • Blocking wireless phone in a meeting space

Key Technologies/Performance

  • 800MHz ~ 5.9GHz Broadband jamming function (Mobile communication and ISM band))
  • Neutralizing communication equipment with radius of 30m or more.
  • Output 2-step adjustment function, individual control function of frequency division band.

Product Components

  • Main body (blocking equipment, antenna)

Main Customers

  • D Company


Parameter Specification Comment
Frequency 10 Bands Refer to Frequency Table
RF Power 20W(B1~7)/5W(B8~10) Refer to Frequency Table
Ant Gain 4dBi, 7dBi, 8dBi Refer to Frequency Table
Disturbance Distance Radius more than 30m
Continuous Radiate Time 4H or more Full Band Operation
Parameter Specification Comment
Communication Interface RS-232
Equipment Case Pelican case ABS resin
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +50 ℃
Size 420 x 580 x 270 mm
Weight 27Kg or less

Specification (Each Band)

Band Frequency
(control range)
(initial set)
RF Power ANT Gain
#1 700~900MHz 869~894MHz 20W 4dBi
#2 800~1,000MHz 949~960MHz 20W 4dBi
#3 1,700~1,900MHz 1,805~1,880MHz 20W 4dBi
#4 2,100~2,300MHz 2,110~2,170MHz 20W 4dBi
#5 2,300~2,500MHz 2,300~2,360MHz 20W 4dBi
#6 2,400~2,600MHz 2,400~2,485MHz 20W 4dBi
#7 2,500~2,700MHz 2,620~2,660MHz 20W 8dBi
#8 5,150~5,350MHz 5,150~5,350MHz 5W 4dBi
#9 5,450~5,650MHz 5,470~5,650MHz 5W 4dBi
#10 5,700~5,900MHz 5,725~5,825MHz 5W 7dBi
#11, #12 Alternative Frequency - - -

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