Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna

Overview of Equipment

  • Intentional GPS signal disturbance responding equipment, stable reception of location/visual information even in case of disturbance
  • Excellent performance compared with price, compatible with general GPS antennas
  • 1:1 replacement with general GPS antenna

Key Technologies/Performance

  • Space Filtering Technology
  • Patented Multi band GNSS fixed Reception pattern Antenna Apparatus
  • Patented Apparatus of Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna and receiving Method of GPS Receiving System for Time Synchronization

Product Components

  • Main body (Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna)
  • Option : Bracket for installment

Main Customers

  • Defense Security (Communication Equipment), vessel (port), fixed station using time information, mobile service companies, broadcasting companies, Government offices (Communication facilities)


Parameter Specification Comment
Frequency 1,560~1,606MHz
Far-field Gain 11.5 / -2 / -21dBic Vertical : 0°/45°/90°
HPBW 40 ±1° / 110 ±1° -3dB/-5dB beam width
Polarization RHCP
VSWR 1.8 : 1
Input Impedance 50Ω
Parameter Specification Comment
Gp/G90° 32dB Horizontal interference mitigation performance
Gp/G70° 24dB Horizontal interference mitigation benefit
ESD 5kV Human Body Model
Operating temp/humid -30~50° / 0~90%
IP rate IP56
Dimensions 322 x 322 x 125mm

Specification (LNA Part)

Parameter Specification Comment
Gain 34dB
Noise Figure 1.5
OIP3 35dBm
VSWR(In/Out) 1.3 : 1
Gain Flatness 2dB
System Voltage DC 5V Bias-T entails 3.3V supply
Current 40mA max

Comparison Test of Satellite Receiving Ratio for Anti-Jamming GPS ANT vs. General GPS ANT

Electric Intensity of Receiving Jamming Number of Satellite Reception Comment
General GPS Ant Anti-Jamming GPS ANT
-61dBm Unable to receive 3 received
-64dBm Unable to receive 4 received
-66dBm Unable to receive 5 received
-71dBm Unable to receive 7 received
-76dBm 5 received 9 received
No Signal 12 received 9 received

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