1. FM/DMB Repeater

A system that provides the FM/DMB signal, which is a disaster safety net, in the radio wave range caused by the steel and concrete structures of underground, underground tunnels and underground shopping malls.

2. Ground Resistance Monitoring System

A system that measures the resistance value of the grounding cable in real time to prevent the ground cable from immediately responding the theft and to prevent the malfunction of the equipment and safety accidents due to lightning or abnormal current.

3. Parking Guidance/Control System

Intelligent parking guidance and parking position guidance system utilizing camera function of used smart phones. Operating own program by developing and applying for the exclusive use application. A system that can work with a server without a separate modem or communication line facilities by using Wi-Fi function of smart phones

4. Fiber Media Converter

155Mbps electrical signals into optical signals without damaging data, and conversely converts 155Mbps optical signals into electrical signals.

5. AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle)

A unmanned conveying system that trains the carts of production lines.
Supplied Renault Samsung Motors.

6. Furo-D (Intelligent Service Robot )

Production of Intelligent Service Robot with AI function (Outsourcing).
PyeongChang Olympic Information Robots/Various Event Site Robots

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