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  • 2019

    Supplied 1st staged spill-over blocking equipment for public safety communication network A and B business (Ministry of Public Administration and Security
    Supplied anti-jamming GPS antenna for public safety communication network for ship business (Ministry of Public Administration and Security)
    Supplied spill-over blocking equipment for high speed maritime communication network (LTE-M)
    Supplied spill-over blocking equipment with mobile communication in 5G network (KT, SKT)
    Developed drone-mounted typed Jammer (provided UCON System)
    Supplied Jammer, anti-drone equipment (National Police Agency, Army Education Command)
    Supplied an automatic inspection system for automobile campis (SAEHAN)
    Signed employment agreement with customized group for recruitment (Suwon Technical High School)
    FM/DMB RAPA Certification
    Supplied emergency bells for E-Mart
  • 2018

    The 18th Industry-University Cooperative Industrial Technology Fair (Won the Presidential Award of the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology)
    Expansion and Relocation of Office (Suwon Venture Valley 2, Gosaek-dong, Suwon-si)
    Supplied frequency disturbance equipment as a test equipment for aircraft anti-jamming GPS System business (National Defense Agency)
    Supplied Jammer (National Police Agency)
    Promising SME Certification and Family-friendly Enterprise certification from Gyeonggi-do
    Supplied Intelligent service Robot (Furo-D)
    Disaster typed FM/DMB facility construction (3 cases)
  • 2017

    Supplied wireless communication blocking equipment
    Supplied Jammer (National Police Agency)
    Performed Business Development Project for Startup Growth, Small and Medium Business Administration (Fixed Jammer with Blocking Capability of 2 km or more)
    Performed Development Project of Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (Intelligent Gateway for IoT, participating company)
    Performed Technical Innovation Project (Parking Guidance System using mobile phones, participating company)
    Maintenance for KT & KT Powertel spill-over blocking at Base Station
    Performed FM/DMB Facility Construction for Disaster (Total 4 Cases)
    Certificate of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015
    2 Citations (Citation by Minister of Science and ICT, Mayor of Suwon-si)
  • 2016

    Developed and Supplied KT, SKT integrated spill-over blocking Equipment
    Performed Project of Industry University Institute Collaboration (Portable Anti-drone Equipment, Korea Polytechnic University)
    Supplied KT M/W Jammer
    Developed Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna
  • 2015

    Supplied KT M/W spill-over blocking Equipment
    Developed and Supplied Defense Wireless Security Equipment (Jammer Part)
  • 2014

    Obtained Environmental Management System Certification (ISO14001:2004)
    Performed Business Development Project for Startup Growth, Small and Medium Business Administration (Earthing Sensor)
    Manufactured Antenna for Mobile Communication (Yagi, Omni etc.)
    Registered as a Partner Company of Renault Samsung Motors and Seohan Kamtec
  • 2013

    Affiliated Research Institute/ Venture Business Certification/Factory Registration
    Citation by Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning (CEO: CHOI, CHUN HWA)
    Developed and Supplied KT Powertel TRS spill-over blocking equipment
    Produced Intelligent Service Robot (Furo-D)
    Developed and Supplied Emergency Bell for E-Mart
    Expansion and Relocation of Office (Daehyeon Techno World, Ojeon-dong, Uiwang-si)
  • 2012

    Expansion and Relocation of Office (Ojeon-dong, Uiwang-si)
    Constructed Parking Guidance/Control System (E-Mart, Lotte Mart)
    Obtained ISO9001:2008 Certification
  • 2011

    Established SAMJUNG SOLUTION

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