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Anti-drone system

Drone-mounted radio jamming equipment

Equipment Overview
  • The system can neutralize drones in the air
  • Long range jamming to ensure safety of target facilities
  • Available to link with radar or camera
Key Technology/Performance
  • Composed of a GPS and a 2.4GHz ISM, ISM5.8GHz band with the power of 1-4W
  • Receives the on/off signal from the remote controller and sends radio jamming signals.
  • Automatically tilts in conjunction with the built-in camera and directs the antenna of illegal drones. The directional antenna inside the jammer minimizes the 3dB Beamwidth to less than 30 degrees to minimize the damage area caused by the jammer.
  • The jammer mounted drone will use another frequency band other than jamming frequencies for communication.
Product Components
  • Main body, Remote controller, camera, jammer, and battery
  • SJ-ADM-V01
  • SJ-ADM-V02
Parameter SJ-ADM-V01 SJ-ADM-V02
Frequency GPS L1, ISM2.4GHz, ISM5.8GHz GPS L1, ISM2.4GHz, ISM5.8GHz
RF Power 1~4W/band 1~2W/band
emission time
Continuing (Drone connected) 30min
Jamming distance 250m 250m
Weight Max 3.5Kg Max 5Kg (with the battery)