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Anti-drone system

Anti-Aircraft Anti-DronewithHighPower

Equipment Overview
  • Blocking device forhigh powerandlong-rangedrones
  • Canbeinterlockedwithradar/camera for long-rangedrone detection
Key Technology/Performance
  • Broadband(20MHz~5.9GHz) RadioJamming
  • Jammingrange:2-5Km
  • AreasofDevelopment: Signal part, RF Converter, Amplifier, Instrument design, etc.
Product Components
  • Device mainbody,antenna
  • Options: Radar, camera, rotator, generator
  • Shieldrone-A1
Parameter Frequency RF Power Continuous
emission time
Jamming distance Weight
SJ-ADA-V01 20MHz ~ 6GHz 100~400W/band Continuing 2~5Km Max 20Kg/band