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Anti-drone system

Anti-Drone System for Regional Defense

Equipment Overview
  • Solution for military base and regional defense
  • Detection and identification by integration with radar/camera
Key Technology/Performance
  • Wide jamming range
  • High gain directional antenna
  • Continuous operation with 220V AC power
Product Components
  • Main body, antenna
  • Optional: Radar, camera, C2
Main Customers
  • Important National Facilities(power plants, industrial parks), defense facilities
  • SJ-ADA-V02
  • SJ-ADG-V02
Parameter Frequency RF Power Continuous
emission time
Jamming distance Weight
SJ-ADA-V02 GPS L1, ISM 900MHz,
ISM 2.4GHz, 5GHz
Low, ISM 5.8GHz
80~100W/band Continuing 2~5Km Max 20Kg /band
ISM2.4GHz, ISM5.8GHz
10~20W/band Continuing 3,500m Max 16Kg