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Products and Business areas

Jamming system

IT construction

Our services

Samjung Solution Co., Ltd. has the solution and capability to resolve problems at any time through our experienced and knowledgeable network engineers.

  • Communication line construction
    • Optical fiber cable facility construction
    • Communication pipeline construction
    • Urban and suburb communication network construction
    • CATV network construction
    • Network design (backbone network, corporate network)
  • Transmission system construction
    • ITS communication construction
    • HFC network facility construction
    • XDSL facility construction
    • FTTC facility construction
    • FTTO facility construction
    • FTTH facility construction
  • Wireless base station system construction
    • Personal mobile communication
      • LTE
      • WCDMA
      • PCS
      • Wibro
    • Mobile telecommunication service
      • DMBGround wave DMB
      • Satellite DMB
  • U-Service for public utilities
    • Public facility improvement project
      • Public facility advertisement
        (LCD, LED)
      • U-City service
    • Public bicycle rental system
      • Rental system establishment
      • Control solution development
      • N/W construction