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Jamming system

Spill-over Blocking Equipment

Equipment Overview
  • Long-range neutralization of mobile communication, TRS, and microwave band frequencies (high-power noise signal & high-gain ANT)
  • Radio wave jamming device that blocks wiretapping/eavesdropping and radio wave crossing in military border areas or areas requiring radio wave interception
Key Technology/Performance
  • Multi-band high-power combine technology / Long-distance radio jamming function through high-gain ANT
  • Supports NMS function through wireless network by interworking with integrated NMS device
  • Service maintenance function through backup battery in case of main power failure (more than 2 hours)
Product Components
  • Main Device, Antenna, Battery
Main Customers
  • SKT, KT, KT Powertel
  • Spill-over Blocking Equipment
Parameter Frequency RF Power Weight
Blocking Equipment
700MHz~11GHz 50~100W Max 10Kg/band