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Jamming system

Anti-jamming GPS Antenna

Equipment Overview
  • Device used for Intentional GPS Signal Jamming
  • Stable reception of location/visual information during jamming
  • Low price, high value
  • Compatible with general GPS antennas, One on One Replaceable with general GPS antenna
Key Technology/Performance
  • Spatial filtering technology
  • Patented multiband GNSS fixed pattern antenna device
  • Patented anti-jamming GPS antenna device and reception method for GPS reception system for time synchronization
Product Components
  • Main body (anti-jamming GPS antenna)
  • Option: bracket for installation
Main Customers
  • National Defense (communication equipment), ship and port, fixed stations using visual information, mobile communication companies, broadcaster, government offices (communication facilities)
  • Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna
  • Anti-Jamming GPS Antenna Conceptual Diagram
Parameter Frequency 수평 간섭 완화 성능 수평 간섭 완화 이득
Anti-jamming GPS Antenna 1,560~1,606MHz 32dB 24dB