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April 4, 2022 Shieldrone protected the LNG receiving terminal of Korea Gas Corporation

관리자 2022-06-15 Number of views 296

At Samcheok Base Headquarters, where we supply and operate jamming guns (Shieldrone) for transport, on Monday, April 4, around 10:15 a.m., an employee found an unidentified flying object orbiting in the air above the base. Then it was reported to the Chief of Police in charge. The Mobile Strike Team was dispatched immediately with the Shieldrone to capture the illegal drone at the scene, identified and caught the drone pilot, and handed them over to the local police station. In particular, as an important national facility, this base purchased jamming guns at the end of last year to respond to the threat of illegal drones (Shieldrone), which have been deployed and in operation. It has also gained deep trust from related organizations such as the military and police in charge of integrated defense within the region. The base also said that this incident has enhanced trust in the equipment and that the effectiveness of the equipment has been directly verified, and that follow-up measures, including the purchase of additional equipment, are being considered in the future. For reference, at around 5 pm on March 22, at the Incheon LNG receiving terminal of Korea Gas Corporation, there was an incident where a woman and an illegal drone were found and taken action by the police while taking unauthorized video in the sky near the base. An anti-drone system was installed and operated at the Incheon LNG receiving terminal at the end of 2021.