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December 31, 2021 Our CEO Received a commendation from the Minister of Science, Technology and ICT

관리자 2022-06-15 Number of views 289

Our CEO received a commendation from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Information (Minister Lim Hye-Suk) on December 31, 2021. On this day, the commendation was not awarded directly due to the corona situation, but it is highly rewarding that the company's contribution to the revitalization of the radio wave industry was recognized by the Ministry. In particular, looking back at the end of 2021, the anti-drone gun for transport using the frequency jamming method was recognized as an excellent R&D innovative product by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. It is a meaningful event to be recognized as the first year in the industry to supply public institutions such as Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, Korea Gas Corporation and government buildings. In particular, the CEO received the commendation from the Ministry of Science and Technology after receiving the commendation from the Minister of Small and Medium Ventures the day before, and his joy was doubled.